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At the Eye Center of New York, we’re thrilled to offer the Light Adjustable Lens, or LAL. As the first clinic in NYC to offer this technology, we strongly believe in this innovative intraocular lens (IOL) technology, which empowers individuals to customize and fine-tune their vision with unprecedented precision. 

What is the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)?

The LAL is a cutting-edge intraocular lens developed by RxSight. This groundbreaking technology allows for post-cataract surgery adjustments to fine-tune vision without the need for additional surgical procedures. The LAL represents a new era of accuracy in vision correction, providing a personalized approach to meet the unique visual needs of each patient.

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What can the LAL Treat?

The LAL is a premium IOL we use in cataract surgery and RLE. The LAL is an adjustable monofocal IOL that addresses various visual concerns, including the following:

  • Cataract surgery after LASIK: Eyes that had previous LASIK or PRK can be more challenging to target with a traditional IOL. With the LAL, we are able to let the eye heal and post-operatively measure and treat any residual near-sightedness or astigmatism.  The in-office adjustments to the IOL, done noninvasively via UV light, allow us to make the vision crisp and dial in the near vision desired.  We then “lock in” the lens to maintain the vision.
  • Cataracts after radial keratotomy (RK): Patients who had successful RK but have now developed cataracts may benefit from LAL.
  • Need for glasses: Tailors the vision to reduce reliance on glasses or contact lenses for daily activities.  This is usually accomplished via blended vision, where one eye is focused for slightly more near vision.
  • Need for post-cataract surgery adjustments: Some eyes are just more unusual than others in their measurements. The LAL allows for customized vision refinement after cataract surgery, accounting for each patient’s unique healing profile.
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                  Cataract Surgery Lens (IOL) Options

What are the Benefits of the LAL?

LAL treatment at the Eye Center of New York opens the door to numerous benefits:

Personalized vision correction:

The ability to fine-tune vision after surgery enables a truly customized and personalized visual experience.

Optimal clarity:

The LAL allows for precise adjustments to achieve optimal clarity at varying distances, enhancing overall vision quality.

Reduced dependence on glasses:

Patients can enjoy reduced dependency on glasses or contact lenses for most daily activities, fostering visual freedom.

Unparalleled expertise:

As the first clinic in NYC to offer this exciting new treatment, we offer our patients peace of mind that they’re receiving treatment from one of the top experts in the field.

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Who is a Candidate for the LAL?

The LAL is suitable for individuals seeking a tailored and personalized approach to vision correction. Ideal candidates include the following:

  • Undergoing cataract surgery or RLE lens replacement procedures
  • Desiring postoperative adjustments to refine their vision
  • Wanting to minimize dependence on glasses or contact lenses

During a thorough preoperative evaluation, our experienced surgeons assess the patient’s visual needs and discuss the potential benefits of the LAL.

The Procedure: What to Expect

Embark on your journey with the LAL at the Eye Center of New York with confidence, knowing what to expect:

  • Preoperative assessment: Comprehensive evaluations determine the patient’s suitability for the LAL, considering their unique visual requirements.
  • Cataract removal (if applicable) or RLE: In cases involving cataracts, the surgical procedure begins with the gentle removal of the cloudy natural lens, paving the way for the LAL.
  • Light adjustment sessions: Postoperatively, patients undergo light adjustment sessions to fine-tune their vision based on their preferences and daily activities. This usually begins three weeks after the second IOL implant and requires 2 to 4 office visits in the ensuing weeks.

Recovery from LAL Surgery

Experience a comfortable and personalized recovery following LAL surgery:

  • Postoperative care: Adhere to prescribed postoperative care guidelines, including eye drops and attending light adjustment sessions as recommended.  
  • UV blocking Sunglasses: If the first few weeks after the LAL, we will provide you with wrap around UV blocking sunglasses. This should be worn when outside during the day until the final adjustment. The LAL is adjusted using a proprietary in-office ‘Light Delivery Device,” which utilizes UV light.  The UV-blocking sunglasses are to prevent unwanted UV effects on the IOL until the final lock-in. That being said, the LAL has a UV blocker built in, and the temporary sunglasses are just an extra precaution.
  • Gradual vision refinement: Witness a gradual enhancement in clarity as the LAL is adjusted to achieve optimal visual outcomes.
  • Minimal discomfort: Experience minimal discomfort, with any initial irritation resolving as your eyes adapt to the customized vision.
  • Resume daily activities: Patients can generally resume their daily activities shortly after LAL surgery. Most patients experience a quick return to normal activities within a short period. As with any surgical procedure, individual recovery experiences may differ. 
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Why Choose Eye Center of New York for Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) Surgery in New York City?

As the first cataract surgeon in NYC to offer the LAL, Dr. Raviv is firm in his commitment to precision, innovation, and patient-centric care. Our state-of-the-art technology provides both excellent visual outcomes and a personalized, concierge-like experience for our patients.

Embark on a journey to redefine your vision with LAL surgery at the Eye Center of New York. Schedule a consultation and experience the next frontier in customizable vision correction.

Light Adjustable Lens FAQ

How does the LAL work?

Is the adjustment process painful?

How many light adjustment sessions are required?

Can the LAL treat astigmatism?

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How does the LAL work?

The LAL allows for postoperative adjustments using a UV light treatment to refine vision based on the patient's preferences.

Is the adjustment process painful?

The adjustments are accomplished with light energy in the office. Patients generally experience minimal discomfort during the light adjustment sessions.

How many light adjustment sessions are required?

The number of sessions varies. There are usually 1 to 2 adjustments, followed by two lock-in procedures. There is flexibility in the timing of the adjustments and lock-in, and our experienced team will tailor the adjustment schedule to meet each patient’s needs.

Can the LAL treat astigmatism?

Yes, the LAL can address pre-existing and any surgically induced astigmatism, providing a comprehensive solution for visual correction.

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