Customized. Modernized. Simplified. “Performing cataract surgery is a privilege...

...I hold it in high regard. For my patients, I am in pursuit of the most outstanding cataract surgical outcomes possible on earth.”

– Dr. Tal Raviv, MD, FACS

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Vision Transformed Cataract Surgery at the Eye Center of New York

Dr. Raviv, an eye doctor in New York City, offers the most technologically advanced, rapid-recovery cataract surgery, allowing no-patch recovery and a return to normal activities almost immediately. Learn more about restoring vision clarity and improving your overall quality of life.

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Procedures & Services Areas of Expertise

Light Adjustable Lens

This innovative intraocular lens allows for post-surgery adjustments to fine-tune vision, offering patients personalized visual outcomes.

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Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) IOL

These lenses enhance your vision by providing an extended range of focus, reducing the need for glasses after cataract surgery.

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Toric IOL

Toric IOLs correct astigmatism during cataract surgery, providing clear vision at all distances and reducing reliance on glasses or contact lenses.

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Multifocal IOL

Multifocal IOLs are implanted during cataract surgery to restore clear vision at various distances, reducing the need for reading glasses or bifocals.

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Using laser eye treatment technology in NYC, we can reshape the cornea to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, providing clear vision without glasses or contacts.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

This procedure replaces the eye's natural lens with an artificial lens to correct refractive errors and reduce dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

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Premium Cataract Surgery

Learn about our advanced cataract surgery options. Using cutting-edge technology, we can remove cataracts and improve your vision with precision and customization.

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Specializing in Cataracts & Associated Conditions “Cataract surgery is my professional passion...

. . . to which I have limited my ophthalmology practice. In this rapidly evolving field, new lens implants, diagnostic devices, and surgical technologies are pushing the limits of human visual potential.”

– Dr. Tal Raviv, MD, FACS

Dr. Tal Raviv Educator, Lecturer & Author

Dr. Raviv is an internationally recognized leader in the field of cataract and refractive surgery.

He is a regular lecturer at national ophthalmology meetings and has held leadership roles within multiple ophthalmic societies. Dr. Raviv regularly contributes articles and serves on the editorial boards of ophthalmology publications.

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Dr. Tal Raviv A Surgeon's Surgeon

For over two decades, Dr. Raviv has performed tens of thousands of cataract surgeries.

As a specialist in high-risk and complex cataract surgeries, Dr. Raviv commonly accepts referrals from other ophthalmologists.

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Dr. Tal Raviv Experience & Innovation

Dr. Tal Raviv is the founder and medical director of the Eye Center of New York, a Manhattan-based, boutique, private practice specializing in cataract, refractive, and MIGS surgery.

A pioneer in the use of microstents for patients with co-existing glaucoma, Dr. Raviv sits at the forefront of the ophthalmology industry.

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Years of Perfection Awards & Media

Dr. Raviv has been honored by several publications and is a thought leader in the industry who is regularly featured in media and as a speaker.

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Restore Your Vision,
Embrace Caring Refinement

Rather than modeling ourselves after a medical waiting space, our office was designed to be light, modern, airy, refined, and open. We don't have a waiting room. We have a comfortable, relaxed lounge with curated art to achieve an elevated experience. Every element of the surgical journey was thought out and enhanced.

Visual Rejuvenation & Transformation RLE Surgery at the

Eye Center of New York

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) can be transformative for those over the age of 45 who are looking to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness with one procedure. Reduce your reliance on reading glasses now.

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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) may be right for you

From Our Video Library

Light Adjustable Lens Image

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

Discover this groundbreaking technology and explore how it offers unique adjustability post-surgery.

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RLE Image

What is RLE?

Dive into how this procedure offers clearer vision and increased freedom from glasses with lens replacement.

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Your IOLs

Explore the array of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) available to enhance your vision and quality of life.

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Highlighted Testimonial “This is a world class practice with world class medical practitioners....

Dr. Raviv, Dr. Sherman, and the entire team, including the office staff and the surgical center staff, were outstanding. This is a world-class practice with world-class medical practitioners.

Most importantly, Drs. Raviv and Sherman are outstanding physicians- totally at ease with the latest technologies and experts at their craft. They were able to obtain results better than they even expected. I went from a minus 1200 prescription/with progressive lenses for reading to not needing glasses using the light adjustable lenses recommended by Dr. Raviv.

But the excellent results are not the only reason for my satisfaction. It's the obvious technical expertise and knowledge of the doctors, together with their excellent judgment and compassionate, engaging and professional manners. They both take all the time necessary to achieve the best results possible and are excellent communicators.

They both get to know their patients and the patient's issues, are available to answer questions. Dr. Raviv promptly returned calls himself and was totally familiar with my case- it is truly rare for such a busy specialist to provide such individualized attention and care.

I had 6 follow-up appointments with Dr. Sherman to adjust the lenses (which is routine with the light adjustable lenses), and at each visit, she performed a comprehensive exam and evaluation. Dr. Sherman was conservative (which I very much appreciated), attentive and technically outstanding.

As a bonus, Dr. Raviv has clearly hired, trained and cultivated an informed, pleasant and competent team at both the office and his surgical center. The surgeries went flawlessly and I had every confidence that I had the absolute best ophthalmologist caring for my eyes and my eyesight.

I would recommend Drs. Raviv and Sherman to my family and friends without hesitation. I cannot envision a better experience.

Recent News From Our Blog

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Congratulations to Dr. Tal Raviv who was voted as 2024 NY Metro Superdoctor and Castle Connolly Top Doctor!

This is Dr. Raviv’s 16th consecutive year selected. ...

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Dr. Raviv invited to speak at The Outliers Ophthalmology meeting in LA

Dr. Raviv was honored to speak at the 2nd annual Outliers Ophthalmology meeting. The meeting...

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Dr. Raviv Chosen As Charter Fellow of the World College of Refractive Surgery

Dr. Raviv is honored to be a Charter Fellow of the World College of Refractive Surgery’s inaugural class...

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Dr. Raviv is First Surgeon to Implant Light Adjustable Lens in Manhattan

Dr. Tal Raviv is honored to be the first surgeon to implant the Light Adjustable Lens in Manhattan...

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Dr. Raviv Hosts Ophthalmologist for International Observership

Dr. Raviv and the Eye Center of New York were proud to host Dr. Burcu, an ophthalmologist...

Serving Patients Everywhere VIPs & Traveling Patients

At the Eye Center of New York, all of our patients are our VIPs. We're happy to arrange for special accommodations as needed. We accept referrals and treat patients from far and wide who travel to our New York clinic to receive the best cataract treatment from our team.

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Words From Our Patients

1st Rate

Dr. Raviv and his staff are 1st rate. He has performed both me and my husband's Cataract Surgery. Perfect outcomes for us both. Professional, warm, environment. If you have ANY issue with your eyes, he's your man!

Amy Shukat

Very Professional

All the staff were very professional. Dr Raviv, in consultation with me, selected the perfect lens for my cataract surgery— the distance and mid-range lens. I went to the opera the night of my second surgery and was able to read the subtitles without glasses and also see the singers on stage. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Caring and Professional

Dr. Raviv and his staff are most caring and professional. We have been going to the Eye Center of NY for years, and recently my husband had surgery to remove his cataracts. Everything went well during this state-of-the-art procedure. We were well prepared for what to expect and felt very confident with Dr. Raviv. My husband now has improved vision and an excellent prognosis for his vision in the future. Thank you Dr. Raviv.

Joy Makon

20/20 Vision

Had a cataract in my eye that left me with no more prescription options. Day after surgery, I feel amazing and my vision is 20/20 and I’m so happy. I haven’t seen this well in 30 years.

David Hart

Great Success

Highly recommended. Dr. Raviv and Dr. Sherman explained everything carefully, and my cataract surgery was a great success.

Ellie Hershfield

Quick and Painless

My cataract surgery was painless and very quick. Dr Raviv is a highly skilled surgeon with a great bedside manner.

Alison Gadon

Marked Improvement

You will love Dr. Raviv, his support staff, and especially his skills and their results. He's done cataract surgery on both of my eyes, with a marked improvement in my vision the very next day. At 86 years of age, I can attest that you're never too old to take care of your eyes. Optimistically looking to the future thanks to Tal Raviv, MD.

Ruth Gross

Cataract Surgery

I recently had cataract surgery performed by Dr Raviv. Due to my history of previous retinal surgeries and residual chronic inflammation, I anticipated that my cataract surgery would be difficult. Thanks to Dr Raviv’s expertise and care, everything went perfectly. My astigmatism was corrected and I can see well! Thank you to Dr Raviv and his team.

Christine Lambiris Kalogerakis

Strongly Recommend

I would like to strongly recommend Dr. Tal Raviv and his team. I had cataract surgery on both eyes. My surgery experience, on each one of my eyes, was very good. The staff and nurses at the surgery facility were excellent, they treated me with great respect and care. The surgery itself took a very short period of time. I was out, with no pain, my eyes uncovered and with perfect vision!

Meir Aliav


My entire experience with Dr. Raviv and his office center (especially Emily) was outstanding. Dr. Raviv took the time to explain the value of a specialized toric lens for my cataract surgery and I am impressed with this recommendation which no other ophthalmologist offered me. The surgery was easy, successful and the results far exceeded my expectations. Within seconds of the surgery, I could see well and in less than 24 hrs at my post op visit I had 20-20 vision! The clarity of my vision is shockingly clear and bright, I'm overjoyed with the result and can't wait for my next eye. Thank you!

Lori Gold

Gold Standard of Professionalism

When we found out my mom needed cataract surgery, I extensively researched cataract surgeons and asked other doctors for recommendations. It was abundantly clear that Dr. Raviv was the only choice. We knew upon meeting him, we made the best choice. Dr. Raviv and his staff set the bar high and are the gold standard of professionalism, care, skill and a genuine caring attitude towards their patients. Excellent customer service here! Needless to say my mom’s cataract surgery went flawlessly and she is a very happy camper. A great big thank you to Dr. Raviv and the whole staff!

Legitimately the Best of the Best

Phenomenal, brilliant and friendly surgeon! Legitimately the best of the best! My mom just had cataract surgery with Dr. Raviv and she couldn't be happier. She literally emerged from her surgery joking with the staff and with a big old smile on her face. Speaks volumes to the talent and expertise of Dr. Raviv. Naimee and the front desk staff were and continue to be outstanding and display such genuine compassion for us during this somewhat stressful time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We truly appreciate you!

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