16 Sep 2019

Management of Complex Cases

Dr. Raviv and colleagues discuss management of complex cataracts in this month's issue of EyeWorld magazine.At the Eye Center of New York, taking a complex, sight-threatening cataract into a transformational visual outcome is our goal...

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05 Aug 2019

Dr. Raviv and Colleagues Discuss Toric IOLs in Latest edition of EyeWorld Magazine

Dr. Raviv & colleagues discuss Toric IOLs in refractive cataract surgery in the latest edition of EyeWorld MagazineRead the article →...

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24 Jul 2019

Dr. Raviv Featured in Monograph on MGD

Dry eye disease frequently coexists in cataract surgery patients. One common form of dry eye is Meibomian Gland Disease MGD. In this panel discussion monograph, Dr. Raviv and colleagues discuss their approach to identifying and treating MGD.Read the article →...

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30 Jun 2019

Dr. Raviv Wins Award for Presentation at ASCRS 2019

Dr. Raviv was voted the winner of the second season of The Voice of Ophthalmology for his presentation on endophthalmitis prophylaxis with intracameral antibiotics at the 2019 ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting...

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24 Jun 2019


Listen to Dr. Raviv on The Dry Eye Coach Podcast discussing dry eye in the setting of cataract surgery. Your browser does not support the audio element...

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22 Apr 2019

Eye Center of New York Offers Latest in Minimally-Invasive Microstents

If you take drops for glaucoma and have a cataract, we can fix both problems simultaneously with the newest minimally invasive microstents. We now offer the latest FDA approved micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) microstents - the Hydrus; as well as the first and second...

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04 Apr 2019

Dr. Raviv Interviewed by AARP

AARP followed Dr. Raviv into the OR to see the latest developments in ophthalmic surgery.Read the Article →...

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02 Apr 2019

Wound Sealing and Stromal Hydration

In the March issue of CRSToday, Dr. Raviv describes the latest in ocular sealants (tissue glue) and when to utilize them in cataract surgery.Read the Article →...

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14 Jan 2019

Software and Apps to Improve Today’s Cataract Surgeon

Here are some of the apps and technologies we utilize as part of our eye care practice. We strive to make the patient experience fluid, efficient, and intuitive - not your traditional old-school clipboard and fax practice.Watch the Video →...

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20 Nov 2018

Dr. Raviv Discusses How Dry Eye and Other Conditions Can Affect Cataract Outcomes

Dr. Raviv explains how Dry Eye and other conditions can affect cataract surgery outcomes...

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