The Eye Center of New York’s response to COVID-19 has been featured in Ophthalmology Times. The practice’s staff has found that, despite the challenges faced by all healthcare professionals amid the coronavirus pandemic, a few proverbial “silver lining” practice adaptations will endure long after the crisis is over.

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AARP followed Dr. Raviv into the OR to see the latest developments in ophthalmic surgery.

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Complications from unapproved cosmetic iris implants continue to dominate the news this month: New York Post: Instagram Model Destroys Eyes in Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

In this month’s EyeWorld, Dr. Raviv discussed his experience handling the damaging, irreversible, ocular complications of outside-the-US, cosmetic implants such as BrightOcular.

Our practice’s most recent cosmetic iris patient came in with a complete loss of vision in one eye 11 years after implantation.

“Almost every one of these implants will have to come out due to the irreversible corneal and glaucoma damage they inevitably cause,” says Dr. Raviv, who has removed both the original New Color Iris and its recent version – BrightOcular.