Hate your progressives? Done with your bifocals?

If you’re over 45 and want visual freedom, Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) is the powerful, revolutionary way to correct your vision – both near and far.

Think of RLE (also known as custom lens replacement) as the newest vision correction procedure for 45 and older.

LASIK is great for our 20-40 year olds, but it doesn’t address the loss of up close vision that occurs in a person’s 40s. That universal condition is called presbyopia and is caused by an age-related process called dysfunctional lens syndrome.

RLE can rejuvenate your uncorrected vision or even transform it even beyond your eye’s best youthful vision. Since it’s a lens based procedure, and not corneal, it can be used in many patients that weren’t good LASIK candidates, or patients that have had LASIK and now need (and despise) reading glasses.

Get the vision you deserve – take the next step with RLE at the Eye Center of New York today.

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Take the next step with RLE at the Eye Center of New York today